Below are a sampling of the types of documents I have translated for more than 120 of my local and international clients.

Business & Human Resource

Airlines Guide for Crew Members (> 2000 words)
Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy (17,000 words)
Automotive Survey
Bringing Corporate Values to Life for a Multinational Electronics Firm
Business Conduct & Core Values for Multinational Electronics Firm (>25,000 words)
Business Ethics (>5,000 words)
Cell Phone Policy
Code of Conduct (>180,000 words) for
– World Renowned Electrical Appliances Firm
– World Famous Luggage Company
– Multinational Soup Company
– Multinational Electronic Chip Company
– Multinational Electronics Firm
– Multinational Oil Company (7,000 words)
– Multinational Printing and Packaging Company (19,000 words)
– Multinational UK Firm
– Multinational Label Printer Manufacturer
– World Renowned Handphone Company
– Leading Manufacturer of protective packaging materials
Contingent Workers Code of Conduct for World’s Largest IT Company
Company & News Articles (>50,000 words)
Compliance Wire
Corporate Mission Statements
Corporate Newsletters & Monthly Updates for Various Corporations (>28,000 words)
Corporate Policy Briefing by MD
Cultural Consultation
Customer Satisfaction Analysis Form
Earthquake Safety Measures
EHS Policy
Employee Survey Outcome Slides Presentation (> 13,000 words)
Employee Exit Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Employee Survey’s Feedback & Comments
Employee Presentation – Company’s Accomplishments & Direction
EVP Survey
Frequently Asked Questions
Global Employee Survey for multinational electronics organization
Global Privacy Policy Questionnaire
Hand Safety Training Video and Documents (>10,000 words)
Interpersonal Skills-Facilitator Guide
Leader’s Guide to Code of Conduct (>6,700 words)
Living Our Values – Safety Excellence and Leadership Program
Mastering the Art of Service for world renowned Hotel (>9,000 words)
Offshore Guidelines for Crew
Safety Handbook for Offshore Oil Rig Personnel (incl. Basic Requirements, Safety Training, Medication & Medical Assistance, Safety Induction, Fire Fighting, Drill & Exercises and Personal Conduct (>25,000 words)
Safety Manual for Offshore Oil Rig Personnel on General Alarm, Evacuation, H2S and Man Overboard Procedures
Shareholders’ Circulation SHE Handbook(>25,000 words)
SHE Handbook for Offshore and Shore Approach Operations (>12,000 words)
SHE Training Matrix Marketing Assessment Instructions
Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit – Job Description Manual for Drilling, Technical, Marine, Medic, Catering & Staff Sections Personnel (>40,000 words ) for 2 consecutive years
Multi-Level Marketing – Policies & Procedures (>15,000 words)
Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
Questionnaire on Fuel Economy for a multi-national oil company (>3,500 words)
Safety Policy
Safety, Health & Environment Handbook for a multi-national oil company
Train The Trainers Guide & Facilitators’ Guide (>39,500 words)
– For Largest Telecommunication Company in Malaysia
– World Famous Luggage Company
Values in Action (3,800 words)


Annual Reports:
– Banking Institution
– Insurance Firm
– Printing Firm
– Pharmaceutical Firm
– Institute for Rural Advancement (INFRA)
– 3rd Party Assignment (4000 words)
POWER (Financial Capability Programme Handbook) by Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) (Translation over 20,000 words)
MONEY SENSE by Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) (Editing over 25,000 words)
Bureaucracy Buster Write-up
Credit Cards Fraud Prevention
Money Sense – How To Manage Your Money (Edit > 25,000 words)
Retirement Plan for Banking Institution
Terms & Conditions for International Credit Card
Interactive Voice Respond System (IVRS) (>100,000 words)
– Airlines
– Banks
– Fast Food Chain
– Largest Telecommunications Firm
– Hotel Chain
– Oil & Gas Industry
– Reward Programmes
– Medical Investigators
– Insurance Firm
– Private TV Station


User Manuals (Microsoft Word, OutLook, Powerpoint & Excel)
MicroSoft Software & CD Labels
IT Security Directives Communication 2006
User Requirement Specs. for Mobile Enforcement – Host Server >10,000 words
QA for Microsoft Documentation
Gaming Software (> 16,000 words)


Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy (6,000 words)
Assignment of Contract Proceeds (16,000 words)
Change of Name
Consent Agreement for State Bureau & Military Affairs (>12,000 words)
Decree Nisi (Divorce)
Employee FAQ Handout
Employee Performance Review
Legal Agreements (80,000 words)
Location Release Form for Filming Company
Certificate of Incorporation of Company
Change of Name – National Registration Department
Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement for Lifts & Elevators
Credit Card Agreement (16,000 words)Debenture Instruments (3,000 words)
Deed of Assignment (16,300 words)
Delegation of Authority (>1500 words)
Facility Agreement (16,500 words)
Internet Privacy Policy
Malaysian MLM Distribution Agreement
Motor Insurance Cover Note
Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for Website
Privacy Policy for Exclusive Timepieces Manufacturer
Proposal of Provision for IVR Services
Protest Principles(10,800 words)
Purchase Agreement for Patrol Boats (>8000 words)
Guardianship Document
Shareholders Circulation Document
Terms of Use (for website)

Linguistic Analysis

Brands/Products/Company Names ( >2,000 names evaluated)


Direct-Selling Distributors’ & Product Handbook for MLM (>5,000 words)
Employee & Market Research Surveys/Questionnaires (>55,000 words)
Market Survey on Air Delivery Services (Review) – 49 pages
MLM Compensation Plan (>3,000 words)
MLM DVD Script (> 1,600 words)
Trade Leaflets, Billboard Ads, Taglines, Brochures, POS & Press Ads (>130,000 words) including for 2 of the Largest Hypermarket and Pharmacies in Malaysia


All About Cataract Operation
Cardiac Catheterisation Care
Day Surgery for Eye
Defense Style Questionnaire
Do Away with Chickenpox
Emotional Literacy Checklist
Endometriosis Health Profile Questionnaire
Effects of Milk Infections on Toddlers
Empowering the Elderly
Epidermal Growth Factor
Facts that Every Breast Cancer Survivor Should Know
Preventing Falls
Flexible Nasoendoscopic Examination
Globally Harmonized Systems of Classification & Labeling of Chemicals GHS (>15,000 words)
Hair SurveyHeart Failure Action Plan
Knowledge and Education of Sex
Risk Mitigation Card
Patient Informed Consent Forms for Clinical Trials which includes translating, editing and back-translation (>600,000 words)
Pediatric Task Instructions
Protect Your Child¡¯s
Liver from Hepatitis
Reference Guide to Breast Cancer
Rehabilitation After a StrokeTaking Control of Diabetes
Research Questionnaire & Surveys
Medical Documentation on Various Disorders including (>120,000 words)
Alzheimer’s Disease
Anxiety Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Chronic Kidney Failure
Colorectal Cancer
Computer Aided Total Joint Replacement
Cracked Heel
De Novo Coronary Disease (Stenting Procedure)
Dealing with Diarrhea
Empowering of the Elderly
Flu Leaflet
Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease
Hepatitis A & B
HivesIncontinence of Urine
Lung Cancer
Managing Stress
Mental Illness (Schizophrenia, psychosis, panic, mania & depression)
Migraine Surgery
Sexual Health Disorder
Suicide Severity Rating Scale
Supporting Mothers – Saving Lives
Understanding Food Intolerance
Subtitling & Documentation of Psychiatric Interviews for doctors (>50,000 words)
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (>200,000 words)
IVRS for Study Drug Enrollment (>15,000 words)
Global Observational Registry Collecting Longitudinal Data – Editing Task (> 2,900 words)
Recruitment and Support for a Study – A guide for study staff using patient recruitment and support materials
Physician Toolkits
Airlines Reservation Database (> 4,000 words)
Car Navigation System Manual
Desktop Publishing for Washing Machine Operation Guide
Disaster Affected Stay Program
English-Malay Lessons Textbook (100 chapters)
Flash Cards
First Aid Tips – Safety Measures at Home
Forest Do’s & Don’t
Health & Cooking Tips
Hotel Reservations Database (> 8,000 words)
Internet Search Services
Insurance Education Plan
Insurance Medical Plan
Ministers’ Speeches
Myths of MSG
Corporate Newsletter
Online Chat Service
Paper on Islam Hadhari by Prof. (>3,000 words)
Presentation on Slow Loris (Introduction, Species, Identifiers, Status & Threats)
Procedure For Offloading Containers
Pro & Post Questionnaire and Feedback Form for Presentation
Radio Scripts, Speech Scripts & Press Releases
Recipes (For chemotherapy patients)
Recipe Book for Cereal Product (>30,000 words)
Safety Instructions
Slides – Translation, Presentation & LayoutSMS Text Database for Handphones (>50,000 words)
Supplier Profiler Questionnaire
Tele-Messaging System DatabaseTermbase for Website (49,000 words)
Toxicology Database for Multinational Firm
University Examination Question Papers
Video Script for Business Results & Strategy Update
Winalign in Trados (> 28,000 words)
Personal Documents
– Academic Credentials
– Adoption Certificate
– AffidavitAddendum
– Birth Certificate
– Correspondence
– Death Certificate
– Divorce Certificate
– Driving License / Renewal
– EPF Statement
– Identity Card
– Income Tax Forms/Letters
– Interview
– Forms & Answer Sheet
– JPA Student Loan Letter
– Letter of Offer
– Letter of Appointment
– Marriage Certificate & Declaration
– Marriage Annulment
– Nursing & Midwifery Certificates
– Marriage Certificate & Declaration
– Petition for Admission as Advocate
– Police Report
– SAP ERP Vendor Letter
– Teaching Certificate

*Note: Certification for the above documents for migration/visa applications to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and UK also provided


Patient Psychiatric Interviews for Doctors
Health & Safety Video Script for Offshore Rig (30 mins)
HSE Safety Video – Facing the Consequences (15 mins)
HSE Safety Video – The Witness (20 mins)
Local Women’s Program/Talk show (20 mins)
Digital Video Camera Advert (3 mins)
Working at Heights
Technical Operation Manual (>160,000 words)
Coffee Maker
Car charger – Sony
Car Navigation System (GPS)
Digital Camcorder
Digital Camera – Olympus (> 80,000 words)
Digital Camera – Sony (> 30,000 words)
OSD for Digital Photo Printer and Frame
Foot Massager
Fraction Scientific Calculator
Global Road Safety
GPS System for Smartphones (>11,000 words)
Hand and Finger Safety
Hands-Free Kit for Handphones (various brands and models including Nokia, Sony Ericksen & Motorola)
Hardware Operations (HP Products)
Land Rover Camera System
Rescue Boat
Software User Guides (Microsoft Office, SAP, Customised Softwares)
Survey on Debit/Credit Card Usage (3,200 words)
Vacuum Cleaner
Voice Travel Mate
Washing Machine (> 18,000 words)


Malaysia Tourist Guide Booklet – 56 pages (>13,000 words)

Website Localization (>161,000 words)

Airlines Reservation/Ticketing System (55,000 words)
Alcoholism WebsiteCorporate Website for Health Products (5,000 words)
On-Line Marketing
Online DictionarySite & Web Instruction Manual – Medical (11,000 words)
Web Utilization Legal Agreement